Katie Amberg-Johnson

Senior Scientist, Schrödinger, Inc.

An interdisciplinary and innovative scientist combining both wet-lab expertise with computational skills. A team-oriented drug discovery biologist with experience contributing in cross-functional teams. Broad interests with projects spanning oncology, liver disease, and infectious disease.


A mutagenesis screen for essential plastid biogenesis genes in human malaria parasites

Tang, Y., Meister, T. R., Walczak, M., Pulkoski-Gross, M. J., Hari, S. B., Sauer, R. T., Amberg-Johnson, K., & Yeh, E. (2019) PLoS biology, 17(2).

Host cell metabolism contributes to delayed-death kinetics of apicoplast inhibitors in Toxoplasma gondii

Amberg-Johnson, K., & Yeh, E. (2019). Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2019 Jan 29; 63(2)

The Toxoplasma gondii Active Serine Hydrolase 4 regulates parasite division and intravacuolar parasite architecture

Foe, IT., Onguka, O., Amberg-Johnson, K., Garner, R., Amara, N., Beatty, W., Yeh, E., Bogyo, M., mSphere. (2018).

Chemical inhibition of apicoplast biogenesis

Amberg-Johnson, K. Ph.D. Thesis, Stanford University (2018)

Small molecule inhibition of apicomplexan FtsH1 disrupts plastid biogenesis in human pathogens

Katherine Amberg-Johnson, Sanjay B Hari, Suresh M Ganesan, Hernan A Lorenzi, Robert T Sauer, Jacquin C Niles, Ellen Yeh. (2017) eLife 2017;6:e29865

Use of Molecular Tweezers to Study the Effect of Applied Force on σ54 Core-Binding Domain

Katherine Amberg-Johnson (2012) Undergraduate Honors Thesis, UC Berkeley.


GSK Immunohack: TwoBirds 2018

I led a team in the GSK Immunohack challenge whose goal was to increase vaccinations. We won!

Hackathon Vaccinations

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Vacation Contamination: Predicting Beach Water Pollution 2018

I used Gradient Boosted Decision Trees to create a predictive model for bacterial pollution based on State of Hawaii water sampling data.

Data Science

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Novel antimalarial drug target identification 2016

To identify the molecular target of actinonin, we selected resistant mutants in Toxoplasma gondii that could survive high amounts of drug.

Malaria Actinonin FtsH1

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